Three Tables @ Sunset

Kody Kerbox enjoying a nice paddle at sunset. We were testing out LED lights you can strap to the bottom of your board. They didn’t work all that well but it was an interesting effect. I took some GoPro photos under the water and it was crazy how much the LED’s lit up the surroundings. To capture this image at sunset was a challange, you have the bright and colorful sky, the deep blue water, and the glow from the LEDs all coming into the exposure, in order to capture all three i had to shoot at a high ISO and a lower shutter speed. i also had to gain a higher perspective to make sure you can see the LED lights underneath the board. All in all it is a dynamic image that was interesting to capture, hopefully that helps you to capture something similar!

Wildlife Photo Contest

Welker, Andrew_WildlifeWelker, Andrew_Wildlife-2



Recently a teacher of mine sent me a link to a photo contest on I have always been interested in entering my images into more photo contests, I have always heard you can make good money and get tons of free stuff. This is the first contest I have ever entered and am really hoping to get some sort of recognition from it. Both of these images i took sitting on the Cliff at Ho’okipa while photographing Kody Kerbox surfing. I shot both images with my 300mm f/4, i bought the lens specifically for the trip and would love to make some money off them!